When To Replace Your Roof 

Here is the important question's you should be asking

              Do you need a new roof? Its the first question you should be asking is if you have experienced and repaired more than one leak on your roof over its lifetime.

The next thing you should take into consideration is the age of your roof is it more than 25 years old? The average life expectancy varies from one manufacturer to another but on average it is between 25 years & 50 years. the third question you should be asking is what sort of condition is the roof  in? Has the roof tiles

become porous and brittle? Is there any broken tiles you know about? Maybe one or two are missing. What about the felt 

does it have any rips or tears you know about? holes in you roofing felt in one of the main causes of leaks. The other thing you need to consider is are you roof batons still sound. Most roofs with water damage if left over a long period of time often have rotten timber batons and even worse sometimes it can cause damp and rot to get into the 

roof joists or spas. The final thing you want to take into consideration is the roof pointing for example if cement around the ridge capping is loose and falling

out you can bet there probably not very secure meaning in the unfortunate event of a storm your roof is at the mercy of the elements.

If you answer yes to more than two of the above you probably need a new roof.  

                        The thought of replacing your tiled roof can be daunting from finding the right tradesmen to getting the right price there's a lot to consider.

but it doesn't need to be Moston Roofing LTD  is a local Manchester based family run business has over 25 years experience in the roofing industry and we have replaced 100s of roofs in that time.

With a solid customer satisfaction base you can rest assured the roof over your head is in the best possibly hands. We take extra care to make sure all our customers are treated second to none and we treat each roof like its our own. And we take care of everything from the organising scaffolding to the removal of all old tiles felt & the debris. So if your concerned about your roof why not call us to organise a free on-site inspection today.


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